The Pepper Story

Pepper was born out of a frustration with the typical Agency model of billable hours and job cost accounting by two fervent believers in the importance of customer service and client relationships.

As long term marketing professionals, Catherine and Anthony had both experienced the difference that regular, consistent communication could make to the results achieved in any marketing project.  However the constant pressure of counting hours limited the amount of time that could be spent in briefing and discussing marketing challenges, approaches and ideas – often to the detriment of the campaign.

In early 2010, they decided there was a better way and started Pepper Marketing to put their ideas into action.

Everything Pepper does is driven by a firm belief in our vision – To Make Marketing Easier.  Whether that’s for a large business with a dedicated marketing department needing specialist skills and additional execution capability or a small business realising they need to invest properly in marketing for the first time, we focus on making it easier for our clients to meet their marketing objectives.

"Focused on deliverables yet have a strong ability to scope out possibilities beyond the brief. Always thinking ahead – thank you"

Andrea Van-Unen Smith
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